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Retro Gaming Shop is Open!!!

Microsoft entered the console race back in 2001 when they released the original Xbox. Whilst not as successful as Sony's PS2, it was a solid start and they followed up in 2005 with the Xbox 360 which is still going strong and has a massive user base in both Europe and the US (Japan not so much!)
Rumour is we may be seeing their next console sometime this year...

Retro Gaming Category

 Xbox Boxed XBMC CoinOps 7 80gb HDD    
  Category: Microsoft > Xbox With XBMC
  Seller: Flashback Games
Original Xbox Soft modded with XBMC installed.

This original XBOX has been upgraded to be able to run XBMC and Coinops 7 (Arcade games only) and other emulators including:
Sega Megadrive
Super Nintendo
PC engine
Sinclair Spectrum
Atari VCS
Sega Master System
Nintendo NES

Does not include the original 8gb HDD.

Includes S style controller plus power lead and TV leads.

Has 80gb HDD.


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